Communication kit

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Communication kit

Project brochure

The project brochure presents CALLISTO at a glance! Download the web or printed version now!

Project poster

The project poster aims to attract people’s attention and present CALLISTO at a glance. Download the web or printed version now!

Project factsheet

The project factsheet provides the main information of CALLISTO. Download it now and get informed about the project!

Project logo

CALLISTO’s logo is the main visual messenger of the project and aids recollection and recall. It includes the title of the project, as well as the services provided by CALLISTO. In particular, it illustrates the fact that data from various sources, such as satellites, will be interpreted using several technologies and will be provided to the stakeholders in modern interfaces.

Project presentation

The project presentation offers valuable information about CALLISTO. Download it now!

1st Press release

Read CALLISTO’s 1st press release and learn more about the project!

1st Newsletter

Read CALLISTO’s 1st press release!

Press Release: DT-SPACE-25-EO-2020 Joint Event

Read the press release prepared for the DT-SPACE-25-EO-2020 projects’ joint event “Supporting Copernicus through Big data and Artificial Intelligence”!

2nd Newsletter

Read CALLISTO’s 2nd press release!

Project templates

A set of templates has been designed aiming to ensure the consistency of the project visual identity. This set of templates includes:

  • A template for project deliverables
  • A template for project PowerPoint presentations.
  • A template for press releases.
  • A template for dissemination activities reporting.
  • A template for blog posts.