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CALLISTO - Participation to User Group

What is the CALLISTO project?

Copernicus is the European Union’s Earth observation programme that provides data on a free, full, and open basis. These data are often numerous and highly heterogeneous, and thus cannot be easily used by stakeholders. To facilitate and standardize access to these data, the European Commission has funded the deployment of five platforms, known as the DIAS or Data and Information Access Services, that index, store and exchange these tremendous amounts of data and provide cloud-based computational resources.

CALLISTO (Copernicus Artificial Intelligence Services and data fusion with other distributed data sources and processing at the edge to support DIAS and HPC infrastructures, GA 101004152) is an EU funded 3-year project, which aims to bridge the gap between DIAS providers and application end users through dedicated Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to enable virtual presence and situational awareness in any desired area of interest, through Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality solutions. Earth Observation data from ONDA DIAS are combined with data from heterogeneous distributed sources (including crowdsourced data, videos from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and data from in situ sensors) through machine learning and data fusion technologies. The outcomes are semantically enriched and served to the public in interactive interfaces, mobile and Mixed Reality apps, creating a novel and innovative immersive environment for the Copernicus market.

Why join the CALLISTO User Group?

CALLISTO will be pilot tested in four different operational environments providing geo-location-based services in applications and supported by relevant partners:

  1. Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) monitoring, where CALLISTO aims to develop an in-season availability of parcel-level crop type information using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data, aiming to identify across a large area, parcels that potentially do not comply with CAP rules that are then targeted for inspection during a one-day field survey with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) (smart sampling).
  2. Water Quality Assessment, where CALLISTO aims to exploit satellite data, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) observations, in-situ hyperspectral data, water quality measurements and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to allow virtual presence at the WPC offering an improved and continuous water quality monitoring, as well as to process air quality data close to WPCs and to estimate potential implications to water quality.
  3. Satellite Journalism, where CALLISTO aims to provide direct access and easier use of EO data, and by this support and encourage journalistic investigation and reporting.
  4. Land Border Change Detection, where CALLISTO aims to improve the existing approaches and increase the value of the current Border Surveillance Services.

Being part of this user group, you will have the possibility to be involved in the CALLISTO user workshops and in the assessment of the developed solutions. You may also connect, interact and generally being part of a community with members from multidisciplinary stakeholders (Academia, Research, Industry, SMEs, experts on the field, etc..).

No physical harm, damage or risk is expected to be inflicted on you. In all arrangements of CALLISTO activities, the COVID-19 restrictions and instructions will be considered and be fully implemented.

How will CALLISTO project ensure the security of my personal data?

All personal data are processed in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679), and in compliance with the principles of data’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Any personal information that we collect from you will be in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, under Art. 6(1)(a). We are not able to collect anything without your consent, which is the legal foundation for collecting and storing personal information. All personal details will be securely stored to encrypted and/or secure and password protected servers or devices, to protect them against accidental or intentional manipulation, partial or complete loss, destruction or against unauthorized access by third parties. Access to any personal information you provide, will be limited strictly, and will not be shared outside of the Consortium UNLESS it is required to share your information with the European Commission/national authorities as a part of our obligations.

What are my rights?

  • Right to information: you may request information about whether we hold personal information about you, and, if so, what that information is and why we are holding it.
  • Right to decline: you may decline to offer any particular information requested by the project partners
  • Right to access: you may access your data and ask for copies of your data whenever you wish to.
  • Right to rectification: you may ask us to rectify the information you have provided us in case you consider that something is missing or is incorrect.
  • Right to erasure: you may ask us to erase your personal data at any given moment without a specific reason.
  • Right to object: you may request to stop processing your personal data at any desired moment. You may also lodge a complaint with the data protection supervisory authority.
  • Right to data portability: you have the right to request the transfer of your personal data to another data controller in an electronic and structured form to you or to another party.
  • Right to withdraw: you may have the opportunity to withdraw from the user group at any time with no adverse consequences. This means that we will no longer continue to process the data based on the following given consent
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