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Land border

change detection

Surveillance of EU’s external borders is vital for the security and protection of its citizens. Changes in land borders impose corresponding changes in their permeability and consequently the construction of preventive operational measures (e.g. fences, walls, etc.) may be needed in order to ensure border security. For this reason, border surveillance constitutes one of the three key areas in the Copernicus Security Services. Detecting, analysing and monitoring such changes at scale, so as to inform decision makers and EU institutions, is made possible through Earth Observation (EO).

However, monitoring EU external borders requires a big amount of EO data and this is a quite challenging scenario.

CALLISTO aims to improve the existing approaches and increase the value of the current Border Surveillance Services. Operating at an EU border scale, CALLISTO will process EO data to detect land changes and will inform the authorities with alerts. By utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, CALLISTO will recognise “relevant” (e.g. new barriers, new roads and cart tracks, etc.) and “non-relevant” changes (e.g. snow cover alterations, agricultural crop stages, etc.). CALLISTO will support integration of border surveillance assets by having an operator to validate alerts and once an alert is confirmed for further monitoring, proposed flight plans for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) can be generated.

CALLISTO’s value relies on the fact that it develops a dedicated Sentinel-based and DIAS-powered monitoring system, tailoring generic change detection methods to the land border scenario. The solution provides a cost-effective approach, which aims to complement and improve current EO services.