Public deliverables & Datasets


Public deliverables &


D1.3 - Data management plan

D2.1 - Pilot use case design and user requirements

D3.2 - Social media and mobile data collection

D3.3 - UAV Data Collection

D4.1 - Data availability for AI models and quality of annotated data v1

D4.2 - Water Quality Estimation

D5.1 - 3D Μodel reconstruction from satellite data

D6.1 - The CALLISTO ontologies and semantic indexing

D6.2 - Named entity recognition for geo-referencing

D7.1 - Technical requirements and platform development roadmap

D9.1 - Initial Communication and Dissemination plan

D9.2 - CALLISTO web presence

D9.4 – Mid-term dissemination plan

The CALLISTO data repository is an open-access added-value data repository, enabling stakeholders to search for annotated datasets to use for training, testing and validating their AI models. The datasets available on the repository are particularly focusing on the thematic areas of the project pilot use cases, i.e., agriculture monitoring, water quality assessment, satellite journalism and land border change detection.


CALLISTO data repository

Project templates

A set of templates has been designed aiming to ensure the consistency of the project visual identity. This set of templates includes:

  • A template for project deliverables
  • A template for project PowerPoint presentations.
  • A template for press releases.
  • A template for dissemination activities reporting.
  • A template for blog posts.