Public deliverables


Public deliverables

D1.3 - Data management plan

D2.1 - Pilot use case design and user requirements

D3.2 - Social media and mobile data collection

D4.1 - Data availability for AI models and quality of annotated data v1

D6.1 - The CALLISTO ontologies and semantic indexing

D7.1 - Technical requirements and platform development roadmap

D9.1 - Initial Communication and Dissemination plan

D9.2 - CALLISTO web presence

Project templates

A set of templates has been designed aiming to ensure the consistency of the project visual identity. This set of templates includes:

  • A template for project deliverables
  • A template for project PowerPoint presentations.
  • A template for press releases.
  • A template for dissemination activities reporting.
  • A template for blog posts.